About Us.

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Water treatment & laboratory, divided in two segments, we offer equipment and solution for your needs.

A wide range supply of components that we allow the realization of each type of installation, but also enables the user to modify, or improve existing equipment.

With experience for more than 10 years, we create solution, consistent with the investment, operating and maintenance costs, and implemented in accordance with your needs.

Our experience and proven quality equipment guarantee high reliability. We take responsibility for monitoring the impacts of plant operation and maintenance, leaving the client free to focus on their core business activity. Based on our expertise, we optimize existing installations and make processes more efficient. It is a force that makes us particularly desirable partner in your business.

Oriented towards the customer, flexible and able to quickly respond to the demands, we carry out work in projects with optimized solution.

Our intention is to offer and implement the latest technology in your process or laboratory, increasing the quality and competitiveness of our customers, while reducing the cost of water production.

We are open for all inquiries, advice and consultation.